• FAQs

    Who is the Pro Mobile Conference for?

    The Conference is for any mobile DJ who wants to take a proactive approach to developing their performance and business skills. It is open to both full-time and part-time DJs. It is suitable for single operators as well as those who manage multi-operator DJ businesses.

    The Conference is also designed so that all DJs, regardless of previous experience, will be inspired by the content and leave with plenty of new ideas. If you want to develop as a DJ, grow your DJ business, and are willing to invest time and money in making that happen then the Conference is definitely for you!

    Will there be an exhibition?

    No, this is an intimate Conference, not a large scale exhibition. There will be no exhibition stands, however, a few brands will host ‘table top’ displays in the foyer of the Conference suite where some equipment will be on show. The focus of the event is education, so representatives will be on hand to answer your questions and offer technical advice. ADJ has also sponsored the lighting production at the event; the brand’s equipment will be showcased within the main Conference room. FBT Audio has also sponsored the audio production, the company’s equipment will be used throughout the two days for all presentations and the Gala Dinner.

    How many delegates will there be?

    The idea of the Conference is that it is an intimate event. We'd like all delegates to have a chance to network with one another at some point throughout the two days, so delegate numbers are limited to 100.

    The 100 places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

    Why Solihull?

    Following feedback from past events, the 2018 Conference was been moved to a more central location that is well connected to the UK’s motorway network and close to Birmingham airport making air and train travel to the event easy. Feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive, so the 2023 event will return to the same place. The venue is key to the Conference and the Village Solihull is a world-class Conference facility and an inspirational backdrop to the whole experience.

    I don't buy into all this educational stuff, why should I attend?

    The event is not just about listening to speakers telling you how and why you should do things. As well as keynote presentations, the Conference features practical workshops, discussion groups and countless networking opportunities.

    There will be lots of information and ideas on offer, which you are then free to decide if you want to take on board. However, more than anything, the Conference is about taking time out of your schedule to focus on your business and personal development.

    Who else is going?

    Past Conferences have been attended by a variety of DJs, of all ages, covering a range of different levels of experience. This is not about getting the elite of the industry together to boast, it is about DJs who want to learn and develop meeting together to do just that.

    You are welcome to attend the Conference (and we think it will be worth your while) if you already run a very successful full-time DJ business, if you are just starting out with DJing as a paid hobby, or if you are anywhere in-between.

    Why is it so expensive?

    While the cost of attending the Conference is high relative to other mobile DJ related training events that have previously taken place in the UK, it is completely different to other events. We believe that the cost of attending the Conference represents excellent value for money and what's more, so do the delegates who attended past Conferences. At the end of each event we ask delegates to ​feed back on their experience and every single DJ who has ever attended has marked on their forms that the Conference offered good value for money.

    Why is it so cheap?

    In comparison to other commercially organised Conferences taking place in venues of a similar calibre and featuring professional guest speakers, the Conference cost is actually incredibly low. The reason for this is simple, the event isn't a money making exercise, no-one gets rich by organising the Conference. We host the Conference because we feel that it will help the industry to develop and grow, which is in the interest of everyone that is a part of it. The brands who sponsor the event also contribute financially, which allows the delegate costs to be kept to an absolute minimum.

    Why does the Pro Mobile Conference take place on a Sunday and Monday?

    It is a conscious decision to run the Conference over Sunday and Monday, as a compromise between the needs of full-time DJs – who have less work during mid-week – and part-time DJs – who often have to take time off from day jobs in order to attend. After each Conference we ask delegates for their preferred days, and while some would prefer mid-week, the majority still ask for Sunday & Monday.

    I've got a question that hasn't been covered by any of these FAQs - can I talk to someone?

    Yes, of course.

    If there's anything we can help with please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 01772 369 677 or sending an email to conference@promobile.org.uk

  • Brilliant opportunity to learn lots of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

    And a fantastic social too!

    (Pro Mobile Conference 2018 Delegate)