Starting his career at the Music Factory in Rotherham as a trainee sound engineer (making cups of tea) at the age of 16. He quickly progressed from chief tea maker to a fully fledged sound engineer, recording local bands and learning the art of editing and creating mixes for the Mastermix DJ service, where his first production was featured on Issue 11 back in 1987.


    From these early beginnings as a ‘mega-mixer’ the Jive Bunny records were born, seeing Andy go on and produce 10 singles and 3 albums achieving 3 UK number 1s and selling over 10 million records worldwide… quite an achievement with a rabbit from Rotherham.


    In 1995, alongside his long time friend and collaborator Amadeus Mozart, Andy set up Tidy Trax as a label imprint of the Music Factory to release their own productions and take control of their own label. Together they went on to produce under various names including Hyperlogic and the Handbaggers, before they settled on the name The Tidy Boys.


    Over 25 years later Tidy Trax has become known as the birthplace of UK Hard House and became a leading club brand, delivering the infamous Tidy Weekender events and hundreds of club events around the world.


    As the Tidy Boys Andy & Amadeus have had an incredible DJ career playing to many thousands of clubbers all over the world, including Ibiza residencies, numerous festivals and almost every iconic club you could imagine.


    Throughout a career of DJing and producing Andy has always been at the forefront of running businesses and today his time is split between running the Music Factory Entertainment Group as the Executive Chairman and the Chairman of Tidy Trax. He is also the Founder of U-Explore a company that runs the UK’s largest career information platform… as well as still making an occasional guest appearance on Mastermix!


    Andy is 53 years old, father of 3 (and Jack the dog) husband of 1, loves keeping fit and is a passionate Leeds United fan!



    Transition and Progressing - How to achieve and handle it!


    You learn from people's journeys, Andy will engage, inspire and provoke questions based on his transition from a 16 year old sound engineer at the Music Factory to now the Executive Chairman. Along that journey he has had the pleasure of being a 'popstar' and learning how to deal with that and what happens when it's no longer a thing! Moving on to how he had to reinvent himself as a mainstream DJ playing pubs and clubs through to launching Tidy Trax and self educating himself on how to be a record company boss. All of that before becoming an international DJ playing hard house ... whilst trying to shake the shadow of the bunny!

    Expect talk on everything 'bunny', everything 'tidy' and everything 'business - the stories, the journey of how Andy got there and how he had to 'do this' to 'achieve that'.

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