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    My name is Mitch Taylor, and I believe in 3 things. 1. Give First. 2. Never Arrive. 3. Get $h!t Done.

    As an entrepreneur, I can sympathise with your every day struggles. I've been there, done that. I moved to a town where no one knew my name and started over more than once in my career, so I know a thing or two about building a business through a client first approach to sales. My last company I built in a town where the closest Starbucks was 65 miles away, and grew that into a six figure business year after year after year, during the 2008 recession as well.

    My book SALES 4 Event Pros, and the SALES 4 Event Pros workshop is based on the 5 step process that has helped me achieve all of the above, and more, in my 26 plus career in the event space. Now, I impart that knowledge to you, by working WITH you to help you implement these concepts into your own business and workflow.

    I can't wait to join you at Pro Mobile Conference 2023!



    Accelerate & Level Up Your Business


    Join Mitch as he opens up Pro Mobile Conference 2023 with his first lead keynote seminar which follows the theme and is titled 'Accelerate & Level Up Your Business'.

    The seminar will cover:
    • A process designed to help you control your time more effectively

    • How to make your calendar work for your business

    • Everyone will leave with a copy of their very own Business Goal Tracker

    • 3 Simple Truths for Managing Expectations In Your Business

    • Uncover who gets paid first, WHY, & how to ensure you have enough money

    • Introduce you to a new way of managing your business finances

    • Mitch will give you strategies and tools designed to help you track and keep more of your money

    During this 60 minute seminar, you'll be able to soak in ideas and things you can immediately implement within your company covering specifics on managing your time, your talent and your money in better ways!

    The Help StrATEgies


    Back for the second day of conference, Mitch will help you 'Differentiate', 'Appreciate' and 'Create' for your clients, your team and yourself with his seminar The Help StrATEgies

    • How to differentiATE yourself from others in your client’s mind

    • The two word mindset to start each day

    • Discover different ways you can appreciATE your team & your clients

    • Why your terms MATTER - and how to FIX it if they don’t.

    • Why it is SO IMPORTANT for you to creATE what you REALLY WANT out of your business vs. settling for what you used to do.

    • The #1 Most Important Interview Question To Ask - Hint: It’s not to the applicant

    • Why what you creATE for others is just as, if not MORE IMPORTANT than what you do for yourself

    • Leave with 7 ways to stay top of mind with your clients throughout the sales cycle



    "NOTHING happens until a sale is made." - Red Motley, 1946.

    A truer statement has never been said. Without sales, it doesn't matter how good you are or how good you THINK you are. You can't showcase your business if you don't have sales. You must master the skills it takes to sell effectively to the modern client, or you don’t eat.

    This workshop will help you create BETTER connections with your clients and help you make BIGGER sales.

    Let’s get to work to help you grow your business to new heights and make more sales with clients that WANT to work with you! Here’s what we’ll cover in the workshop.

    • Why and HOW to research your client most effectively
    • How to book client meetings in your sleep
    • How to start your meeting for maximum effectiveness
    • Discover the 2 questions you NEED to ask before talking about anything
    • How to position yourself as the EXPERT - and get YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT to realise (and say) it
    • Tips you can use to establish rapport immediately and close more sales
    • How to handle ANY objection you may face in the sales process.

    A note on workshops.
    A workshop is where you come ready to "work". As a group you will discover immediately how strong your sales skills are (or AREN'T), we will walk through sales situations in each part of the sales process, working in small groups or pairs through each aspect and then you will be coached by the Author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros Mitch Taylor, on your work in that part of the sales cycle. This SALES 4 Event Pros workshop is limited to the first 12 participants for this 8 hour INTENSIVE workshop. Be prepared to learn and take away a TON of knowledge with International Author, Speaker and Trainer Mitch Taylor and the SALES 4 Event Pros workshop!

    So, What does it cost?

    The workshop will be limited to a maximum of 12 people and held the day after Pro Mobile Conference. This event is not run by Pro Mobile Ltd. and is payable directly to Mitch Taylor.


    The workshop cost is £320 (inc fees) and can be paid for as one invoice or split over 3 instalments.

    You can find all the details on the link below.



  • Jam packed, loads of learning with like minded people that
    has left me totally invigorated & re-inspired!

    (2022 Pro Mobile Conference Delegate)