• Robin Kershaw

    The Meeting Master



    Robin Kershaw is an accomplished Wedding Host and DJ and director of DFC (formally Dancefloor Couture) in Lancashire.


    Robin is considered by many as one of the top DJs in the UK and has been trusted by major brands, celebrities and hundreds of wedding clients, to make their events memorable.


    One of Robin’s goals is to change the preconception that a wedding DJ is cheesy, tired and outdated and has set out on a mission to convert the industry and couples alike to know that the entertainment is the most important part of the event, and when done right makes your experience memorable.


    In addition to being a performer Robin also personally trains the DFC team in both performance and sales techniques and in the process has created a thriving, award-winning business.



    Be in control of your meetings > Be in control of your sales


    Meeting clients is an important part of the sales process and is an excellent way to offer more value to your prospective customers as well as building a deeper relationship with them ahead of their big event.


    The art of the meeting is in the way you control the conversation, listen, advise, upsell and convert.


    Robin is proud to boast a 95% meeting conversion ratio at over £1000 per gig, across over 500+ meetings - staggering figures!


    This is an essential seminar...

  • Fantastic couple of days, lot’s learnt,
    and lots of new ideas to put into practice

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