Larger Than Life!



    A typical Essex Boy, who was born in Billericay and lived in Wickford for most of his life, Euan Bass has been a full-time DJ, wedding entertainer and Master Of Ceremonies for over 30 years. He is a single-op DJ and trades under the name Ian Stewart www.ian-stewart.co.uk (the story behind the name is a long one, but he will tell you all at the Conference!). Euan has built up an enviable reputation as a mobile DJ and is the current Wedding Industry Awards East Of England Wedding DJ Of The Year.

    He started his career while at college, moving on to bars/clubs and radio, before transitioning into mobile DJ work. As a club DJ Euan has worked with the likes of Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, Gilles Peterson, Slipmatt, Steve Walsh and Chris Hill to name a few. His radio shows have featured on BBC Radio London, Active FM, Time FM and Soul City, along with many pirate and internet stations.


    He also tried his hand as a stand-up comedian, appearing on bills with many who have gone on to become big TV stars, the only problem for Euan… he wasn’t very funny! He is, however, a larger than life character who has a unique ability to engage an audience and share the lessons he has learnt during a lifetime as a DJ in an accessible and entertaining way.



    Make Your Mobile DJ Marketing Work


    Marketing is essential for any successful service business, mobile DJs included. Effective marketing is about finding the right potential customers for you, and demonstrating to them why you are the right fit for their special event. However it is very easy to work hard on marketing, and spend good money on advertising, but see little or no results. That’s because effective marketing is about more than just putting out adverts.

    In this brand new presentation, Euan will outline the basic rules for successful marketing and demonstrate how they relate to the DJ industry. Using examples from his own business, he will explain where you should be focusing your efforts to guarantee results and get better paying bookings. He’ll then go on to show how this can help you achieve a better work/life balance and may even share a few of his own views on the current state of the DJ industry – all done in his unique style!

  • I look at it this way: if I take home one good idea,
    it was worth attending - I took home loads!

    (Delegate at the last Pro Mobile Conference)